Designer Notes

butterfly-cropWe love to share our designer tips, hints, advice and whatevers with you! Here’s the most current Top 10.

1. Faster Plaster is one of the easiest products we have ever worked with. Sometimes as designers, we have to spend hours and hours trying to determine the best way to use a product. With Faster Plaster, it was success at first try every time. Even our “mistakes” became beautiful jewelry.

2. Faster Plaster works excellent with polymer clay push molds, candy molds, Wilton silicone baking molds, rubber or bendable texture plates and clear stamps.

face-crop3. Don’t follow package instructions on the 1/2 pound bag which says to add water and shake. Tiffany found that out the hard way.  Now she always uses a yogurt container with lid to mix and pour her batches with Faster Plaster and she is very happy with that.

4. Heidi’s preferred method for mixing and pouring is using a zip bag. After mixing, she just snips the corner of the bag to pour. And she is very happy with that.

5. You can embed interesting items into Faster Plaster. We have tried glitter, buttons and glass donut shaped pendants. We’re sure there are a lotGlitter-cro more things that you can dream up to embed for some really cool looks.

6. Don’t try to use a metal cookie cutter shape as a mold. The Faster Plaster doesn’t release from it. We don’t consider this a failure because it makes a very interesting work of art. Just wasn’t what we were trying to accomplish with that technique.

7. You can color Faster Plaster with all sorts of things. We have tried alcohol inks, pigment inks, acrylic paints and markers.

mod-crop8. We love to overcoat with glossy lacquers.  We have tried DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze (brush on), Ranger Glossy Accents and Sakura 3D Lacquer. The 3D Lacquer received the most votes.

9. When you first take Faster Plaster out of the mold, that is the best time to take a few minutes to clean up any rough edges caused when you remove the texture plates and stamps. Tiffany uses a blunted toothpick and runs it along the edges and uses the tip to pick out any stray pieces of plaster. Heidi’s tool of choice is a craft knife (but Tiffany greenman-cropmainly stays away from those) and Maria uses a bead reamer.

10. This craft is highly addictive. You will find yourself wanting to use every last drop of Faster Plaster. Keep your smaller face and jewelry molds on hand at every pour so that you can use every last drop.


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