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Inspire Tile

IAH-226InspireFlowerCoasterInspire Floral Tile by Tiffany Windsor for http://www.inspiredathome.com

When I was shooting my Faster Plaster How to Mix and Pour video this week, I grabbed this texture plate that I had never used before for the on-air demo.  I LOVE the way these words look on this Faster Plaster coaster tile but I wasn’t sure how I would use it.

Then I just started playing with some other FasterPlaster pieces that I had made including an embossed mini-tile and a poured on-texture plate piece and it all just came together!

So how do you make this project?  First, take a look at our eBook – Faster Plaster: 50+ Fabulously Fun, Fantastic and Fresh Ideas. In this book, you will find the technique for pouring the coaster with the texture plate, how to use pre-cut craft foam shapes to emboss into mini-tiles and how to pour on texture plates.  Then, you can watch any of over 20 videos that we have available to see these techniques in action.

After you have learned all these techniques, here’s your shopping list for the specific supplies I used on this project. All of these products were found at my local craft store and those that are highlighted are also available through the Inspired at Home Marketplace:

Faster Plaster
Chantilly Lace Texture Maker by Studio by Sculpey
Coaster mold by Plaid
Texture Plates – Double Sided Assortment II by Fiskars
Bite-size Brownie Squares Silicone Baking Mold by Wilton
Craft foam flower – self-adhesive, pre-cut (you can find these in the kids department at the craft store)
Adirondack Alcohol Inks by Ranger – Wild Plum, Citrus
Staz-On Ink by Tsukineko – Jet Black
Rubber stamps – any small letter set plus large stamp with multiple images or floral design(s)
3D Crystal Lacquer by Sakura

I used Aleene’s® Liquid Fusion™ Clear Urethane Glue to glue the layers  together.

Have fun! >>Tiffany


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We Love Faster Plaster


Faster Plaster Garden Plaque
by Tiffany Windsor
for www.inspiredathome.com

Faster Plaster
Measuring cup
Plastic container with lid
Recycle blister packaging for mold (sometimes also called plastic clamshells)
Soap Stamps by Life of the Party
Adirondack Alcohol Inks by Ranger
Lumiere Paint by Jacquard
3D Crystal Lacquer by Sakura
Paint brush
Picture hanger

Place soap stamps FACE UP in mold. Adjust to center all pieces keeping at least 3/8” from edge. You do not want any of the edges of the stamps to touch the edge of the trivet mold.  Following package instructions, mix Faster Plaster and pour to fill mold. Gently tap mold to release bubbles. Let plaster sit for 5 minutes or until you start to see it solidify. Press hanger into top IAH-138Cleanupcenter of plaster. If hanger starts to sink, wait a few more minutes and try again. When plaster is solid to the touch, carefully turn mold over to release. You may need to gently coax the plaster out of the trivet mold. Let air dry. Do NOT microwave (because you have inserted metal hanger). While plaster is still moist, use tip of blunt toothpick to clean up any edges after removing soap stamps. Edges can be filed after the Faster Plaster has completely dried but it’s much easier to do your clean up at this time.  Let piece dry completely.IAH-138-3upbefore

IAH-138-3upcenterTo color with Lumiere paint, mix paint with water to create color wash and paint on middle flower.  I also created an all over shimmer wash with the paint brush water. If you do not want an all-over shimmer, be sure to use different water for washing your ink brush – otherwise you will have shimmer everywhere! To color other areas, mix ink with water to create wash. Color the recessed areas first, then the raised surfaces. Start with your lightest colors and add additional wash of color until desired color intensity is achieved. For more intense color, apply directly from bottle tip onto plaster. Remember to color the sides and back too!  I created an antiqued color wash with several drops of rust ink mixed with water. Brush over entire surface. (I avoided the Lumiere painted area in order to keep the shimmer brighter.) Repeat if desired for more antiqued effect. If desired, apply 3D Lacquer to raised surfaces. Let dry undisturbed overnight.

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